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11th-May-2008 12:05 pm - *sigh*
so much for the new year resolution broken in under a week? well, I'm just posting cuase I'm bored, and to take space on people's friends page =D anywho, ignore this, since it's just an update on how I am xD! Going to Ottawa this Thursday! Playing in the Nationals for band! *is a band geek* I'm very excited, though I'll miss LJ for 3 days T____T that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.
1st-Feb-2008 09:14 pm - ><;;
*sigh* I already stopped posting ><;; well there is a reason...(more of an excuse, but oh well) EXAMS now they're over, I'll try to remember to post, but a new semeser has begun! I'm very sad. NO MORE INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGIES or PHYS. ED.!! x.X Well, I passed every course! =D I'm going to miss i.tech VERY much T________T well, exams weren't as hard as I thought, but when it's exam review day, I get VERY nervous ><;; I think first semster will always be memorable for me, first semester in HS, of course it'd be, with two awesome courses! well, too lazy to post more as usual, so later! =D
14th-Jan-2008 09:41 pm - January 14! =O
Konbanwa minna-san! Today was troublesome! I had to leave earlier than usual to study for a math test ><;; well get answers from the review to study! *sighs* IT was painting today again, I was too lazy to use tape so I ended up free handing some parts x.X *bricked* Lunch...went out to Maydoh, even though I had a packed lunch, didn't get to go practice music Dx  ENGLISH WAS THE WORST NLKJNSKJFBKJSDBKJBDJKSHB! Gym was pretty fun even if our team was crap xD all that matters is having fun I guess, the Semester's almost over so all that matters is the memories! =D Afterschool, went back to my old school, staff meeting so my friends and I went to Tim Horton's I discovered somethign shocking! Someone I knew was working there today! =D I spent the whole tiem laughing at them *feels guilt free!* It was hilarious though, went back to my old school saw a few teachers then went home and just sitting here! Eventful day today I guess, but I have a playing test for music at lunch tmr, but I also have band before school starts! T________T I'm freaked out about the playing test SHOOOOT I'm hope I do okay! seriously ><;; freaking out now! ahhhhhh! Wish me luck everyone!
13th-Jan-2008 09:59 pm - January 13

AHHHHG I have a math test tmr D=< I'm going to fail, can't concentrate and don't get a lot of it! arghs oh well ><;; it's just school... T_________T can't wait till IT tmr though =D

I spent my whole weekend downloading and watching dramas =D It was so enjoyable, I forgot about homework, so I'm screwed now!

13th-Jan-2008 12:13 am - January 12 D=
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADELINE!!!!!! ><;; I lost track of time again! ><;;

today was an ordinary weekend, go out to dim sum, then supermarkets, get upset, then watch dramas, and in the end realize that I should do my hmwk! ><;;

just a very short post

PS. To Maddy: Otanjoubi Omedetou! have fun in FL! 
12th-Jan-2008 01:39 am - January 11 ><;;
I lost track of time! oh well this will count for the 11 xD 

Math is SO STUPID argh, I hate my teacher, diudn't even give us the exam chart! If I miss an exam or ANYTHING I will go berserk on her. IT, my favourite class =D it's so much fun, but my car is HIDEOUS! *sigh* lunch was...boring today, ate and then went to practice my music ><;; I CAN'T PLAY THAT SECTION ANYMORE! WHYYYYYY?!?!?! I HAVE MY TEST SOOOOOOOOOOOON jeebus! English was boring. Gym was tiring, the team I was put in is very crappy >>;; oh wells, not like I care anyways. Starlight Starbright same as usual, sit there, think of ideas, get hours, leave for home. THen just sit and watch dramas the whole night. 

What is it with JE boys and Dolce and Gabana boxers?! I mean Jin wore them for one shoot and YamaPi wore them in Sore Wa Totsuzen Arashi no You Ni, and I'm pretty sure some other KAT-TUN member wore them too ><;; I can't remember *sighs*

Well nighty night! I'll update later today!

PS. since it's technically January 12, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADDY!
10th-Jan-2008 11:11 pm - day 3! xD
Today was SOOOOO boring ><;; math was boring, IT was the best so far, didn't have to go in at lunch to practice music today =D but testing is starting! Dx  English was so...ARGH! and Gym was as boring as hell T__________T

Band practice today afterschool was "INTENSE" x.X  I'm uber tired today, TGIF tomorrow! mosts of the posts I put up will be a very short entry on the day ><;;
9th-Jan-2008 11:12 pm - Tired ><;;
Today was a normal day again ><;; tiring too.

Math was a total bore T__________T IT was fun, starting to paint our dragsters now, hooray! Went to practice music at lunch, until halfway through, went to eat lunch x.X English sucks, as usual, and Gym was awesome, played basketball, but I was pooped afterwards x.X

Afterschool, went to Michaels for Scrapbooking supplies for our IT final, spent lots of tiem there ><;; Then went to chapters to return my japanese textbook, bought the wrong one. *sighs*

This'll be very short really tired right now, didn't even workout today ><;;

AHHH Band tmr T_____T
8th-Jan-2008 11:19 pm - 2nd post in a row!
Hey everyone! Sort of trying to accomplish my resolution, post much more often, almost everyday ><;; but it's boring I know ><;; If I have anything to provide I will, maybe I'll write reviews on stuff, I'll keep that in mind xD 


WE HAD SECTIONALS TODAY ><;; so early in the morning, and since we had this challenging parts, we had to go in for a max of 10 minutes at the beginning of lunch and work on it, although I didn't really mind, but I suck so yeah ><;;

Math was a drag, I was bored to death, and my teacher just gets me more confused ><;; tech was great, sanding...joy...when I was about to vut the wood, the wood just hit the blade and the fire drill alarm went off >>;; Lunch was alright, I was bored to death though xO. English was the WORST I hate my English teacher, she has the stupidest waya of marking, and all the things she gets us to do is BULL x.X Health was fun too xD We were learning lacrosse, I felt VERY Canadian xD. It's pretty hard, for some of the techniques at least ><;; *sighs*

Overall, school was pretty normal! xP


I was walking home with a friend, went to get drinks/food from the Asian supermarket, I was deciding on Arizona, or Pocky, I gave into Arizona, she came over we watched Human Tetris xD and Live Pacman.


Apparently our teacher went to Japan for holidays, so we had a sub. teacher, he...is...PURE AWESOME! Lots of horror flicks, and action, though we never got to watch the whole thing T_____T There was this dvd where we were learning Japanese from which was pretty cool, I want one now xD Japanese is always cracky, especially during "recess" xD


BORED RIGHT NOW! I'm just sitting in front of my computer, listening to UVERworld, and YamaPi and others, *giggles* all pretty boys xD Just don't feel like doing my math homework, ANYTHING but MATH~!

Well, that's all for today, ja~!

I know I'm horrible, I never post, I just have a plain boring life >>;; it's the sad truth, well I'm here to endorse that you ALL join this community! link available here jworldlove  Also here to make a post, New Year's resolution, post here much more often >>;; sorry everyone, I'm lazy ><;;

(I know, I'm lame.)

My first semester is ending soon, that means exams, or FINAL projects >>;; I'm dead. I actually don't want this semster to end, besides the fact that I have the worst teachers for math and English >>;;, I love my Integrated Tech and Health class though, they're so much fun! xD As for extra curriculars...Japanese Class, learning a bit, but it's pretty confusing stuff right there ><;; and just staying at home watching dramas and anime ><;;


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